Ray Burgess was born on November 4th 1966 in Lancaster, PA.
From his earliest years he has been fascinated with technology and science, and excited by the benefits that furthering scientific achievement could potentially bring to all beings.

 Ray spent his early life as a mountain bike mechanic and rider, living simply under his own power and studying the words and deeds of the ancient masters. He returned to school part time in the mid 90’s to rediscover his love of all things digital that he first developed in his High School computer club.

 Ray owned and operated his own consulting business and code shop in the late 90s and served the online community well by administering to their e-commerce and design needs in the ever growing and changing sea of information.

 Today he continues his pursuit of Internet excellence, always striving to immerse himself further in the wonderful and strange world of online society, and continues to work diligently for his customers, bringing almost 20 years of experience, knowledge and dedication to each project that he embarks upon.

Ray lives in Buffalo, NY where he enjoys going out to see music performances and sampling the many different kinds of Pizza that the Queen City has to offer.