Reduced Work Force

People here in Buffalo are upbeat despite the National Crisis. Yesterday I talked myself into lurching out of my office chair and onto my feet and into the street for a nice long walk. I have always liked to walk, since I was a wee lad I have always felt happy when I was trucking along going wherever I was heading. Today, I felt that unmistakable urge again so I headed out into the balmy 39 degree Buffalo morning.

My usual route takes me through the ‘burbs to one of Town of Tonawanda‘s coolest spots, the Rails to Trails. For those not familliar, its an old rail line that runs in a straight shot for miles which was reclaimed and paved. I hit the trail already warmed up from my approach through these suburban streets and I was feeling good, but I was suprised at the scene that I beheld.

Rails to Trails was bustling with people excercising and stretching their legs in the damp, limpid morning air. It was pleasant to greet all my neighbors while I walked along. All Buffalonians now feel Spring in the air, and Robins are everywhere, hopping energeticlly through the emerging fresh green shoots of vegetation along the straight ribbon of asphalt.

One of the nice things about technology work is that frequently we can work remotely, which for me means right here in the sunny Town of Tonawanda. Usually for me that means that I get to take work breaks when I want and get to be pretty autonomous. Because of this I might access the Rails to Trails at different times of the day, depending on which part of the Matrix I am stuck in at work.

Today, I was struck by all of the people hanging out and walking that would not normally be there but have been sent home or laid off because of Corona Virus. I realize that not being able to work is a lousy reason to want or need to take a walk, but it’s a constructive and healthy approach to an otherwise regretable situation. The general attitude here seems to be “As long as we are out there we might as well relax, smile and trade pleasantries in an everyday way, or scratch your dog’s ears when it sticks it’s cold nose on my leg to say ‘Hello!’ “.

That’s Buffalo.