Speed legal.

I can’t really empathize. I learned a long time ago that drugs block enlightenment.

Update: “A national shortage of Adderall has left patients who rely on the pills for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder scrambling to find alternative treatments and uncertain whether they will be able to refill their medication.

“People with ADHD generally have lower frustration tolerances, but there’s a very particular type of frustration when you’ve done all the things you’re supposed to do, you’ve made all the phone calls, you’ve made all the appointments, you do all the things that are extremely hard to do with ADHD,” said Gude, who chronicles living with the condition on TikTok, YouTube and Twitch as @HeyGude, as well as on a podcast.

Since he has been off his medication, Gude said, his brain has felt fuzzier and he has had more difficulty cooking, caring for his dog and maintaining normal sleep patterns. He found himself sidetracked and playing the piano for an hour and a half. His mother texted him when she grew concerned that he had stopped regularly posting in a family group chat.

Wow. Playing piano for a long time and not keeping Mommy updated. Obviously this man needs to be medicated lol. Fuzzy mind? Try meditation. Perhaps some people (myself included since I also have ADHD) need to accept that they were not born to be perfect? I have taken the drugs and they ruined my life. Taking speed or SSRIs to change your head is bad, and ADHD is not a sickness it’s a gift. It’s my opinion based on my experience.