Why I suck at gaming.

Verdun, on Steam is a 4 person team based FPS with an extremely realistic WWI themed graphics and sound. I’ve enjoyed PC gaming since the 90’s and recently during a deathmatch session last Sunday I was having a friendly dialog with my opponent who was wiping the mat with me. It was a little frustrating to keep losing over and over but I was having fun also.


My opponent was considerate enough to try and give me advice on how to play better but at that moment I realized that my lack of skill was caused by lack of practice. I’ve spent my life working to put food on the table and when you become a Father you don’t really have a lot of free time to play games. I am just grateful that now I have more free time and I enjoy it immensely being killed over and over, as that is a privelege I’ve earned.
Sometimes, it feels great to be feeling average.