What is a human being? I would say that one thing that helps define this is the way that we treat each other. Also, how we see ourselves. When I look at you, I only try and see the good. I know that the bad is there, but I will not let it cloud my perception.

It’s not in any way random. As I was mentioning to Veena today, Some people evaluate every situation and decide if they should be evil or good, depending on what best serves their purpose.

To be good means that you may sometimes have to sacrifice your purpose for the good of others.

To be evil means that you place your purpose above the good of others, regardless of the harm it may do.

At the end of the day, could evil accomplish this without good? No.

Even mercy has limitations.

So what’s the solution? Raise people up, keep doing good and never let them guilt trip you for picking the winning team, even if things are looking bad at halftime.

Buffa-Love, and have a nice weekend!