I always tell the truth for a number of reasons. When I was younger I used to confuse my true experiences with the truth but that was wrong to do.

#1. I’m lazy. It takes a lot of effort to create and maintain a lie. Some lies are deliberate and some are just mistakes. I make a habit of trying to correct any mistakes I make right away because delay will make feelings worse in that situation. All the extra explaining and compensating – the pretense and the pitch, it’s exhausting. Also it takes a lot longer to heal from a wound than it does to make one.
#2. I’m not that bright. I lack skill in deplomacy. I can never tell what people are thinking. Lying to someone is sometimes premeditated and for some is just a habit. I have never been successful at deception. Don’t really know why because I don’t think about it too much. Every time I played hide and seek when I was a kid I always got found first. Go figure.

The Tao begot one.
One begot two.
Two begot three.
And three begot the ten thousand things.

The ten thousand things carry yin and embrace yang.
They achieve harmony by combining these forces.
Men hate to be “orphaned,” “widowed,” or “worthless,”
But this is how kings and lords describe themselves.

For one gains by losing
And loses by gaining.

What others teach, I also teach; that is:
“A violent man will die a violent death!”
This will be the essence of my teaching.

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu
Translation by Ray Burgess