Side effects may include hyper-paranoia,
Anxeity, panic attacks and chronic insomnia.
I wanna be sick. I wanna be sick.

Energetic euphoria, feeling alert.
May lead to violent behavior.
I wanna be sick. I wanna be sick.

Increase your abilities with full blown psychosis,
who structures reality with your diagnosis?
I wanna be sick. I wanna be sick.

–“I wanna be sick. by Hood Rats


In caring for others and serving heaven,
There is nothing like using restraint.
Restraint begins with giving up one`s own ideas.
This depends on Virtue gathered in the past.
If there is a good store of Virtue, then nothing is impossible.
If nothing is impossible, then there are no limits.
If a man knows no limits, then he is fit to be a ruler.
The mother principle of ruling holds good for a long time.
This is called having deep roots and a firm foundation,
The Tao of long life and eternal vision.

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu
Translation by Ray Burgess