Happy New Year

As per my long standing tradition – I left the Christmas lights on all night last night to ward off the darkness in the new year!

I have a lot of interesting projects and directons to experience in 2019. One thing I have considered is switching out this blog to WordPress instead of Drupal. Yes, it’s true my Drupal disciples, I am considering WordPress because of its ease of deployment and theme functionality (pretty). This site is essentially an info site and a blog and we all know that this current theme is fugly because it came straight from the 20th century!. 

Backdrop CMS is the coolest new thing I ran across in 2018. I have already been looking over code for this CMS, and I plan to contribute to the project. I have never been known for my ability to predict upcoming trends in CMS, but heck; Backdrop is like a synthesis of Drupal 7 and WordPress and how cool is that? Beauty and Guts. I think Aquia can take their ponderous bloated fake-ass cache dumb twig cant exist without the Views module Drupal 8 and market it right into the center of the planet. Good luck with that. For 2019 I’m developing fast and light; let the front end be React-ive. Screw relational DBs – moving strictly to No-SQL solutions like Elastic / Solr clusters.

Headless content delivery systems are still extremely interesting to me as they represent a whole new way of data handling and distribution which is flexible, meshable and scalable.

Oh yeah and then there is this band:

Going out on a limb here and speculating that these blokes are going to be HUUUGE!