Nothing relaxes me like…

a spin on the freeway after work. I was reflecting today on my commute about a comment that I had read while perusing some tech blog or another. Follows is the dialog to sort of get you all in my headspace.

Developer number 1: I know everyone hypes around composer and stuff but Slim is really missing a supid simple download link somewhere to get the framework as a simple ZIP file without forcing people to install other software they don’t really care about. Slim 2 was a simple download and one could start coding. Now Slim 3 makes this suddenly a big hassle.
Developer number 2: You need Slim’s dependencies for it to work. Composer is the standard in PHP to do this. See for ideas.
Developer number 1: Well, thats sad. I’ll continue with Slim 2 then. Thanks for the heads up.
Developer number 2: Because software doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We don’t need to write our own router when there’s a really good once already available…
Developer number 2: Because modern PHP development is done via Composer in the same way that modern Front End development is done with Bundler. We’re not going to create packages with all the other possible libraries thet you may want. I’ve already indicated that provides information on how to deploy for a specific individual scenario.
Developer number 1: I don’t want any other possible libraries – I just want to run slimphp. But don’t worry – v2 still works fine and I just used it in another project. I don’t care about composer and really don’t plan to use it anytime soon 🙂
Developer number 2: As long as you’re happy

This is kind of what the issue with Drupal is. There can be no doubt that in web development we frequently need the software to just work platform independent. Portability and scalability is king in the real world where time is money. It’s not a perfect world. Drupal 7 was and is still the best CMS out there for its security and extensibility. It’s the most flexible framework out there. Drupal 8 tries to be everything for everyone, but in the end it’s just broken.

I vote for a re-roll of Drupal 7. We can call it Drupal Classic. We can fix the views module instead of making part of core, and we can build in my new API and make it headless as well. Kill Drupal 8 before it kills Drupal alltogether.

Thanks for reading.