When I was young I was taught to hunt and fish. At that time I was just following the energy of my teachers as to how to interact with life on our planet.
Pulling the trigger always felt wrong to me, but I felt I had to do it to prove myself a man.
Once I became a man, I made the decision to stop killing animals for sport.
If I did not have food, that would be another matter.
I will kill only for mercy and defense.
I apply this philosophy to all living things. Despite the fact that some creatures like stinging or biting insects or parasites are disagreeable, they still have a right to exist. If they leave me alone, I leave them alone.


Carrying body and soul and embracing the one,
Can you avoid separation?
Attending fully and becoming supple,
Can you be as a newborn babe?
Washing and cleansing the primal vision,
Can you be without stain?
Loving all men and ruling the country,
Can you be without cleverness?
Opening and closing the gates of heaven,
Can you play the role of woman?
Understanding and being open to all things,
Are you able to do nothing?
Giving birth and nourishing,
Bearing yet not possessing,
Working yet not taking credit,
Leading yet not dominating,
This is the Primal Virtue.

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu
Translation by Ray Burgess