Mr Zook

I wrote my first computer code in 1982 on an Apple mainframe using Apple Basic. It was a program which made an 8 bit graphical representation of DNA. I was 16 years old I think.
I built my first website 25 years ago this month, in 1998.
I have worked as a full time web developer since 2009. Around 15 years.
On average, only about half of the websites I have worked on ever launch.
Sometimes I can’t believe my luck that I have seen so much.
Other times I wonder what else I would do.

Mr. Zook looked at my crappy DNA program and he said to me “Someday you are going to make that computer sit up and beg.”
He and his words are one of the reasons for my success in this field.
Thank you Mr. Zook. May you merge with the great MCP.


In caring for others and serving heaven,
There is nothing like using restraint.
Restraint begins with giving up one`s own ideas.
This depends on Virtue gathered in the past.
If there is a good store of Virtue, then nothing is impossible.
If nothing is impossible, then there are no limits.
If a man knows no limits, then he is fit to be a ruler.
The mother principle of ruling holds good for a long time.
This is called having deep roots and a firm foundation,
The Tao of long life and eternal vision.

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tsu
Translation by Ray Burgess